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About Physio Savvy

Physio Savvy is a chain of physiotherapy clinics in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded by Australian physiotherapist Alisha Bajerai, we specialise in bringing Australian physiotherapy standards to the shores of Malaysia.

We utilise manual therapy, Clinical Pilates, Positional Release Technique, and other highly hands-in techniques in conjunction with exercises to ensure that you return back to your normal self.

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What we treat

We see many unique cases every day, and have clustered them into the categories below for easy reference

Musculoskeletal disorders

Physio Savvy can reduce pain, improve movement and provide ongoing maintenance of conditions such as back and neck pain, scoliosis radiating nerve pain, work injury and repetitive strain injuries.

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Sports Injuries

Physio Savvy optimises the healing of sporting injuries while facilitating return to sport for conditions such as meniscus and ligament injury, tennis elbow, shoulder impingement and muscle tears.

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Foot Conditions

Physio Savvy has teamed up with Foot Levelers to provide custom orthotics to support your feet, and to stabilise the imbalances in your feet and body. All new patients are provided a complimentary foot assessment.

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Latest News

foot levelers promo

Love Your Feet – Get Customised Orthotics Promo from Physio Savvy

Many of us spend a large portion of the day on our feet, from jogging in the morning, shopping, going to see clients or even walking to the restaurant for lunch! That’s why now is the perfect time for you to reward your feet for their hard work as Physio Savvy is providing a promotion […]

clinical pilates demo

Clinical Pilates for Injury Prevention

Principal Physiotherapist Alisha Bajerai was recently interviewed by The Star newspaper to share on Clinical Pilates, a new form of pilates. Developed in Australia, Clinical Pilates helps in injury recovery and core strengthening. It can be used on almost all patients and injuries. Read more at:


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Using advanced manual therapy techniques and personalised treatment plans, our professional and experienced physiotherapists will ensure that you reach your treatment goals.

Lee Yee Yeng (Australia)
Principal Physiotherapist
Elaheh Amini (Iran)