Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is recognised as an essential part of modern health care, and has become a leading method in optimising your recovery and healing process. Physiotherapy plays a big role in preventing and reducing disability in the community to diminish the burden on society.

Physiotherapy has a very wide range of services that can cater to many people’s health care needs. Our treatment and management can help alleviate aches and pains, rehabilitate sporting injuries, optimise recovery after surgery, assist in improving cardiorespiratory health, help people get back on their feet after bony fractures, provide care to women during and after pregnancy and much more. Physiotherapy also aims to improve your overall health through education and exercise specific to your needs.

Is physiotherapy the same as massage or sports massage?

No, physiotherapy is a completely different and scientific approach to solving the bodies’ problems. The treatment may involve some massage-like techniques for release of muscles, tendons and fascia, however they are very specific and anatomically inclined. Physiotherapy incorporates muscle, joint and nerve mobilisation together with stretching and exercises to have a holistic and effective approach.

What techniques are chosen are based on a very thorough anatomical assessment and diagnosis and varies in every person. Massage and sports massage only use massage techniques and are more for relaxation and rarely help with improving pain and movement in the long term.

Do I need to see my doctor first?

Not necessarily. Unless your insurance company requires a doctors referral there is no need to see a doctor before coming in. Our physiotherapists are highly skilled at performing their own assessment and diagnosing your condition. Rest assured if we feel you need a doctor’s opinion, medication, medical imaging or surgery we will advise you immediately.

How much will it cost?

All in-clinic sessions are RM160.

During each session, there may be an additional charge is for application of rigid and kinesiology taping (only if required). We will always inform you during the session if this is the case. The charge is RM10 per body part that is taped or you can choose to purchase a 5m roll for RM45 which you can keep at the clinic for your use, or take home for self application.

Click here for more information on our pricing.

We also charge RM300 for cancellations and changes with less than 24 hours notice, such as when an appointment is cancelled on the same day or you do not show up for an appointment without a valid reason. This is because we have set aside that time just for you, which cannot be made up if no notice is given.

What payment options are available? Can I claim insurance?

We accept cash and most major Bank / Debit Cards and Credit Cards except American Express.

You can also pay with your private medical insurance, but this is dependant on you insurance policy, and may require a doctor’s referral letter. Please check your policy to see if you are covered, Physio Savvy fill up any forms, write a letter and print receipts for claims purposes.

What are your opening hours?

See location opening hours.

Do I get treatment on my initial appointment?

Yes, every session has a treatment component. Approximately half of your first session will involve treatment and exercises once the physiotherapist has assessed you and provided you with your diagnosis.

How long will each session last?

The first session is 1 hour and follow up sessions are 30 minutes. Follow up sessions can become double sessions if you have multiple conditions that need treatment or a more complicated condition needing more time. Your physiotherapist will usually recommend how long your sessions need to be, however you can always request a double session to be booked in for you in advance.

What type of conditions do you treat?

We treat a large variety of conditions. You can view here for a non-exhaustive list of the various conditions that we treat.

Can I choose a male or female therapist for my comfort?

Yes, we have both male and female therapists, please advise if you have a preference and we can arrange for a day and time to ensure your comfort.

What should I wear?

Comfortable loose fitting clothing is always advisable, and you can always bring your own shorts and tshirt and change in clinic. We also have garments that you can change into if you don’t bring your own. You can expect some disrobing for certain conditions such as back pain where the spine needs to be seen.