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Ergonomics is a word that is not often adhered to or even understood within the work environment. Ergonomics can be defined as the study of peoples efficiency in their work place environment. Improving this efficiency benefits both the employer and employee. For the employer it can improve productivity, increase staff morale and result in less sick days as a result of work place injury. For employees it can safe guard their physical health and mental well-being as well as providing a caring work environment. Ergonomics has been shown to be extremely cost effective when looking at long term impact on all types and sizes of company.

What I would like to do in this brief article is explore ways that you can the employee can implement change in the work place without the absolute contribution of your employer. Here are some rules to follow when setting up your work station:

  • Screen height. The top 1/3 of the screen should be at your eye level when you are looking dead ahead. This rules out laptops immediately. Get a desktop screen!
  •  Chair height. You should be able to place your elbows into your side at 90degrees and just be able to push yourself up to the desk without your fists hitting the edge or being way above the desk.
  • Desk height. Hips should be at 110 degrees (knees lower than hips) rather than the usual 90 degrees. You should be able to get both knees under the desk and perhaps place both feet on an  angled foot rest.
  • Have your screen, keyboard, mouse and phone in front of you. Try and avoid excessive and prolonged twisting to one side.
  • Ensure that your chair provides with you with support to your back and neck.
  • Consider using a vertical style mouse if you suffer from wrist and/or forearm pain.
  • Make sure the brightness of your screen is not too bright and not too dingy.
  • Make sure your current lense prescription is up to date.
  • Try and avoid being positioned directly under an AC unit or near a doorway.

There are many simple adjustments that you can make to improve your working day. If you would like to learn more then why not book an Ergonomic assessment with Physio Savvy for yourself or your employees!

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Simon Fayers

Simon Fayers

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Simon graduated from the University of Hertfordshire and after having experienced the NHS during three years of clinical placement, opted to continue his career abroad. He made the move to Iceland where he worked within two private clinics treating a wide variety of conditions from sports injuries to severe neurological disability. After a successful stint in Iceland, he decided to relocate to Oslo where he worked within a multi-disciplinary clinic. Now, Simon he is currently in Malaysia as the first to bring Positional Release Technique into the country.
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