Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy is recognised as an essential part of modern health care, and has become a leading method in optimising your recovery and healing process. Physiotherapy plays a big role in preventing and reducing disability in the community to diminish the burden on society.

Physiotherapy has a very wide range of services that can cater to many people’s health care needs. Our treatment and management can help alleviate aches and pains, rehabilitate sporting injuries, optimise recovery after surgery, assist in improving cardiorespiratory health, help people get back on their feet after bony fractures, provide care to women during and after pregnancy and much more. Physiotherapy also aims to improve your overall health through education and exercise specific to your needs.

We can provide physiotherapy either in our clinic or at your home, allowing a greater range of flexibility in receiving treatment.

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Conditions We Treat
We can treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders, sports injuries as well as neurological conditions:


Joint and muscle Pain
Cervicogenic Headache
Back pain Tennis / Golfer’s elbow
Joint osteoarthritis
Gait retraining
Progression of walking aids
Functional retraining
Hamstring strains
Muscle injury / strains / tears
Shin Splints Shoulder injury / pain
Achilles Tendonitis
Patella Tendonitis
Muscle weakness / imbalances


Auto accident / Whiplash
Total knee / hip replacement
ACL reconstruction rehabilitation
Bony Fracture rehabilitation
Tendon repairs
Muscle Hematoma / Bruising
Return-to-sport training
Women’s incontinence
Pelvic floor weakness / dysfunction
Osteoporosis treatment and prevention

Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise using spring loaded equipment to help with especially with back and neck pain and injuries. Each patient is individually assessed and a program is developed to best cater to your body’s needs. It is proven effective in developing body awareness and posture while providing a controlled and safe environment for refining and re-training muscle movement with isolation and repetition.

Clinical Pilates is unique to the field of physiotherapy as a directional bias (preference) is given to each individual to cater for that individual’s pathology or pain.

The main goals of Clinical Pilates are to prevent injury and reduce the need for invasive surgery in individuals with injury, pain and recurring problems.

Benefits for individuals include:

A feeling of general physical wellbeing, with improved posture, balance and motor control
Develop your dynamic core stability
Challenging your muscle control (rather than brute strength and rigidity)
Training your muscle groups in functional patterns, helping your body to work safely and more efficiently
Safe injury management & correction of poor mechanics that underlie injuries
Greater resistance to injury