Physiotherapy and Homework

Very often, upon visiting a Physiotherapist, you will be prescribed exercises as part of your treatment plan. This is an integral part of your treatment and needs to be adhered to as strictly as when the dentist tells you to brush more frequently! 🙂 There are many reasons why your therapist may give you home exercises and also a vast range of exercises to choose from, lets explore some of them:

  • Improve core strength which will help with posture and injury prevention
  • Stretching to improve flexibility
  • Specific postural exercises to deal with workstation positioning
  • Balance and co-ordination work for those struggling in these areas
  • Specific muscle group strengthening


The likelihood is that your programme will encompass facets from two or more of these areas. The programme is there to help you recover from injury or dysfunction as quickly as possible and then to prevent recurrence. Your physiotherapist will take care of the hands on manual therapy during your sessions but then its up to you to stick to the exercises at home. This will have the benefit of improving “carry-over” between sessions and will give you control of your pain and symptoms. It has been shown that lack of compliance with these exercises leads to poorer outcomes and longer treatment periods.

Physiotherapy is about team work between your therapist and you. Before you put on the TV be sure to do your homework! 🙂


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Simon Fayers

Simon Fayers

Senior Physiotherapist at Physio Savvy
Simon graduated from the University of Hertfordshire and after having experienced the NHS during three years of clinical placement, opted to continue his career abroad. He made the move to Iceland where he worked within two private clinics treating a wide variety of conditions from sports injuries to severe neurological disability. After a successful stint in Iceland, he decided to relocate to Oslo where he worked within a multi-disciplinary clinic. Now, Simon he is currently in Malaysia as the first to bring Positional Release Technique into the country.
Simon Fayers

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