Prolonged sitting: Get out from the comfort zone!

No 1 Rule of the thumb: The human body is not designed for prolonged sitting. Yes, we are not.

Many assume that sit on prolonged hours at our desk and spend our evenings on the sofa lead to problems in the upper back/neck. Unfortunately, sitting is also the one of the leading causes of lower back pain too.

Most of us that running to see the physiotherapist with acute lower back pain, we frequently blame it on a twist while bending to pick something up.

However, the main cause is – that most of us did not notice is that – we have been sitting more than usual – and that twist was just a spark that ignites the fire.

The longer we sit, the more we slouch. A normal healthy lower back (lumbar spine) should have a small inverse curve or arch, keeping us upright and stable.

When we slouch, this inverse curve reverses and becomes rounded in the opposite direction. As time goes by, this will accumulate pressure from the interveterbrae discs (jelly-like shock absorbers between the bones of the spine) onto the nerve causing pain. The twist – as mentioned earlier – triggers the soon come after it – the back pain.

We need to get out of this ‘comfort zone’ of sitting  to become more active. Here’s a simple suggestions to combating low back pain while sitting at work:

  • Can you please get up out from your chair at least once every hour?

  • Always remind yourself to stand and move around for couple of minutes at least an hour after sitting.

  • As you stand, you can place your hands in the small of your lower back, push your hips forwards and lean back as back as far as you can 2 or 3 times to reset the natural curve of your spine.

Please visit us at Physio Savvy  where the physiotherapist where we will guide through your individualised treatment program based on diagnosis to prevent the condition from getting worse and to get you back to your normal level of functioning. This is to ensure a speedy return to daily active tasks and activities, either at work or at home.

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Afiq Muhammad

Afiq Muhammad

Physiotherapist at Physio Savvy
Afiq Graduated with BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy from MARA University of Technology. His past work experience involves varied cases in various fields, making his patient care hollistic and patient based. He is most interested and experienced in the fields of musculoskeletal conditions and sporting injuries.
Afiq Muhammad

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