The Role of the Sports Coach vs. Physiotherapist

When a patient comes to us with a sports injuries there are often other issues to consider on top of the actual injury itself. Very often those who are injured competing for a club or their school will find themselves under pressure to return to sport as quickly as possible. This quick return to the sporting arena can have long lasting consequences on the patient and result in further injury or re-injury.

Occasionally the Physio must be a mediator between the injured patient and the sports coach. It is important to make the coach aware that correct treatment and rehabilitation will result in better long term outcomes. Within any sport at any level the most important thing is the health and well-being of the individual. This must come above all else without exception.

This rush back to sporting activity is especially seen in children who are of course very eager and enthusiastic to return to the sport they love. The coach may feel that the injury is slight or being exaggerated. The child in turn may seek to try and hide the extent of their injury. This situation needs to be carefully managed by the Physiotherapist who is expertly placed to communicate across all interested parties and ensure a positive outcome for all.

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Simon Fayers

Simon Fayers

Senior Physiotherapist at Physio Savvy
Simon graduated from the University of Hertfordshire and after having experienced the NHS during three years of clinical placement, opted to continue his career abroad. He made the move to Iceland where he worked within two private clinics treating a wide variety of conditions from sports injuries to severe neurological disability. After a successful stint in Iceland, he decided to relocate to Oslo where he worked within a multi-disciplinary clinic. Now, Simon he is currently in Malaysia as the first to bring Positional Release Technique into the country.
Simon Fayers

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